‘Stars of Export’ announced at an online awards ceremony

‘Stars of Export’ announced at an online awards ceremony

The awards, which are given annually by the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB) to honor and encourage the member companies in the chemical industry for their success in exports, have found their owners. At the IKMIB Stars of Export Award Ceremony, which was held online for the first time due to the pandemic, 140 companies ranking among the top 5 in 28 categories were awarded.

The chemical industry, which is a strategic sector that is directly or indirectly in contact with many sectors by providing raw materials, semi-products and products, achieved a great success by breaking a historical record with exports of $ 20.6 billion in 2019. Having a share of 11.44 percent in Turkey's total exports, the chemical industry grew by 18.54 percent in 2019. Representing about 7 thousand exporting companies from several sub-sectors from plastics to cosmetics, from pharmaceuticals to rubber, from medical to paint, IKMIB has realized more than 50 percent of Turkey's total chemical exports.

The Stars of Exports, which have a big share in this success of the sector and realized the highest volume of chemical exports in 2019, have been determined. The 2019 IKMIB Stars of Export Award Ceremony, which was held for the fifth time this year, was held virtually. Organized for the first time by IKMIB, the online award ceremony was shared live on IKMIB's YouTube channel and website. The award ceremony was held on July 7, 2020 with the participation of Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkish Minister of Trade, İsmail Gülle, Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), and Adil Pelister, Chairman of the Board of Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB) Chairman, and with Oylum Talu as moderator.

In the Lubricant Exports category, respectively Shell & Turcas, bp, Mobil Oil Turk, Petrol Ofisi and Reksoil received prizes. IKMIB awarded the companies which succeeded in maintaining their stability and achieved growth despite all the challenges in lubricant sales and exports, which declined due to the direct and indirect effects of the global recession and the pandemic.


Adil Pelister

Chairman of the Board of IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association) 

For the first time this year, we held a virtual "Stars of Export Award Ceremony", at which we announce the stars of exports in the chemical industry every year. This annual event, which we organized for the 5th time, is a very valuable event that is highly important for us as IKMIB and makes our industry and us proud. It is another source of pride for us to organize our first digital award ceremony under the roof of TIM.

In 2019, we broke records in both total exports and chemical exports in particular. Our total country exports were 180.5 billion dollars, while total exports of the chemical industry grew by 18.5 percent compared to 2018, having 11.4 percent share in our country's total exports, reaching 20.6 billion dollars. In 2019, we as the chemical industry achieved a great success and became the second sector in terms of exports, following the automotive industry. Apart from the products in the chemical industry, we also contribute to the other 27 sectors by providing raw materials and semi-products. In 2019, while there were many problems such as trade wars between the USA and China, the Brexit issue, the Iran embargo, and the Syrian war, we still broke records. In addition to breaking the export records in 2019, we carried out many activities such as our Ur-Ge delegations, national participation organizations to international fairs, purchasing delegations, competitions supporting branding and R&D. We promoted our country and industry all around the world, signed agreements, and sold our products to the world.

Although we have experienced a decline this year due to the pandemic, we are fully confident that we will reach 20 billion dollars like the previous year. At the same time, facilitating access to finance supports the real sector, which wants to continue production and investments. I believe the chemical industry will become the largest industry of Turkey in terms of exports by 2030. In the new digital age, achieving growth by producing at world standards with high technology will continue to create great excitement in our industry.

I wholeheartedly congratulate our valuable exporters who brought us to this record in 2019. A total of 140 companies in 28 categories were awarded by being in the top 5. Our mineral fuels, mineral oils and products sector, which also includes lubricants, ranks second among our 16 sub-sectors in our chemical exports. In the Lubricant Exports category, our companies Shell & Turcas, BP, Mobil Oil Turk, Petrol Ofisi and Reksoil ranked in the top 5, respectively. In 2019, our mineral fuels, mineral oils and products sector achieved 6 billion 83 million dollars in exports. In this respect, I congratulate all employees and managers of our companies for their contribution to exports and the country, and wish them a more successful year.


Can Adal

Supply Chain Manager - Lubricants, Shell & Turcas

As Shell & Turcas, we are proud to contribute to the national economy with our exports to 61 countries from our Shell Lubricants and Grease Production Plant in Derince, the only grease and the largest lubricant production plant in the Mediterranean. Shell Lubricants has been the leader of the global lubricants market for the 13th consecutive year and the world's "No.1 Lubricant Supplier". We are happy to have once again consoldiated this success by ranking first in the Lubricant Exports Category in the “IKMIB Stars of Export” awards.

In the Shell Lubricant and Grease Production Plant, which is Shell’s largest lubricant and grease production plant in the Mediterranean, we produced about 134 thousand liters of lubricants and greases in 2019, and we broke a record with our volume of exports over 37 thousand tons from Turkey to 61 countries. We have contributed to the national economy with the export income we generated.

On the other hand, as the leading brand in the lubricants market for the 13th time in a row, we continue our efforts to bring our state-of-the-art products to consumers in this field. Thanks to our innovation power, we continue our market leadership in Turkey, as well as all over the world.

We are proud and happy to have received this award as a result of all our efforts and to have proved our success once again. As Shell & Turcas, we will continue to contribute to the national economy.



Castrol, part of the bp family, has many high-performance products used in almost 140 countries around the world, including Castrol EDGE, Castrol MAGNATEC, Castrol GTX and Castrol VECTON. It is highly important that the regional hub of the brand, which manages 10 countries within the Castrol world from its head office in Turkey, is located in a critical energy geography between Europe and China.

Castrol Turkey, which added Spain, Afghanistan, Qatar and Lithuania to its list in 2019 and 2020, exports to 24 countries. Castrol Turkey’s export countries include Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Northern Cyprus, Iraq, Dubai, Russia, Palestine, Ethiopia, Greece, Ukraine, Indonesia, Belgium, the UK, Germany and Italy .

One of Castrol's 8 production facilities in Europe and Africa is located in Gemlik. Castrol’s Gemlik plant realizes 12 percent of the annual production volume of this region, which is 700 million liters. Lubricant pioneer Castrol produces 85 million liters of lubricants and derivatives annually, 85 percent of which is sold in the domestic market and 15 percent to the foreign market.

Gemlik production plant, one of Europe's largest lubricant plant, has an annual filling capacity of over 85 million liters. At the same time, it has the flexibility to increase its capacity and has a raw material storage capacity of 40 thousand tons.

Castrol Turkey, which is in the top three in the export list of Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association, continues its talks, work ad investments to increase the number of export countries with new destinations to be added in its list within a short time. The company is planning to further increase its exports in 2021, depending on the global production capacity need and network optimization.


Münci Bilgiç

General Manager, Mobil Oil Turk

Mobil is one of the largest lubricant producers in the world. We offer an important service by producing solutions in many areas from automotive to industrial oils, from aviation oils to marine industry. As Mobil Oil Turk, we are proud to be representing Mobil’s plant in Turkey, one of the company’s 30 plants worldwide. We are the first lubricant and fuel company established in Turkey, and we have been operating in this country for 115 years. 

Export has an important place for us both for us and for our relations with neighboring countries. We export our products to 14 different countries from our production facilities in Turkey. We provide a significant added value to Turkey by exporting our lubricant products in the International Maritime field in addition to the Middle East, the Gulf, Europe and Caucasus countries. In this context, it is a significant source of joy and pride for us to be in the third place in the "Lubricant Exports" category at the 2019 Stars of Export Award Ceremony organized by IKMIB.

We will continue our efforts to provide a wide range of solutions to our industrial customers with the quality and confidence we offer, and to be a good friend for automobiles in the automotive sector and a key option for consumers.


Sezgin Gürsu

Director - Lubricants, Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi continues its tradition of leadership in the lubricants and chemicals sector, as well as in the fuels sector. In 2019, with our total sales exceeding 120 thousand tons, we continued our leadership in the lubricants and chemicals market in the 10th consecutive year since 2010 with a market share of 28.6 percent (*). In addition, we became the leader of the lubricants market with a share over 27 percent (*). Again in 2019, we exceeded 10 thousand tons in our exports to 33 countries in 4 continents. We have contributed to our international competitiveness by using flexi bags for shipment, especially in our exports to distant countries such as Chile.

However, our biggest competitive force that differentiates us in the international arena as well as in the national market is our qualified human resources, our advanced R&D power and our strong relations with distributors. We act together with our distributors, who are a part of the Petrol Ofisi Family for us and who represent us in the best way not only in Turkey but also in all the countries we export our products. In addition, we have a dynamic, experienced and expert staff working in sales, production and Petrol Ofisi Technology Center - POTEM.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors that bring us this success both at home and in exports is our unique infrastructure in our field. Our factory in Derince is one of the most important facilities in Turkey in the lubricants field with its 144 thousand tons of annual production capacity, its quality, more than 400 different products, 15 thousand tons of finished products, and a total of 65 thousand tons of storage capacity, including 50 thousand tons of raw and semi-product storage capacity.

In POTEM, which can perform a total of 155 different tests with national and international methods, 84 of which are accredited by TURKAK, is the most developed center of our country and the nearby geography. With more than 350 products we develop at POTEM, where we conduct an average of 150 thousand tests per year, we meet almost all the needs in the field of lubricants and chemicals under a single roof, and continue our success in the national and international arena by raising the bar every year.

(*) Source: PETDER 2010-2019 Total Lubricants and Chemicals Data


Mustafa Aktaş

Chairman of the Board, Reksoil

As Reksoil, we are proud that we have achieved our goals one by one since the day we started our operations. We began this journey targeting the automotive
sector, and now we are among the leading brands of the sector
in industrial oils, process oils, grease and marine oils. In this process, we can meet the demands of our customers in the best way by expanding our product range and production capacity through the latest technologies.

Rexoil, established in a 9500 sqm area located in Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone, constantly develops its lubricant technology at its R&D laboratories. It closely follows the developments in the lubricants industry both in Turkey and around the world, and provides over 100 high quality products to its customers in 60 different countries.

Our brand REXOIL, which gained an important place in the
sector in a very short time, has received the Stars of Export
award granted by IKMIB in the Lubricant Exports category for 4 consecutive years. This success makes us very happy to represent our country as the only national brand in a platform where there are global brands.

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‘Stars of Export’ announced at an online awards ceremony

‘Stars of Export’ announced at an online awards ceremony

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