REXOIL, Local Giant in Global Lubrication

REXOIL, Local Giant in Global Lubrication

Operating in a 15,000 m2 indoor area built on a 10,000 m2 land in Istanbul Tuzla Birlik Organized Industrial Zone, Rexoil is known as the "flagship" of the lubricant industry thanks to its annual production capacity of 70 thousand tons, superior process technology, and wide product range.

Setting a record by ranking in the top 5 in lubricant exports for 7 years and repeatedly winning the "Star of Export" award of IKMIB for its steady success, Rexoil proudly represents Türkiye among global companies.

Rexoil dominates the market with high-quality and high-performance products meeting global consumer standards and legal requirements. Thanks to its operational efficiency, extensive dealer-service network and qualified human resources, the company provides the right product in the right amount at the right time to all corners of the market and assures its business partners and stakeholders with its customer satisfaction approach.

Depth in the domestic market, expansion in the foreign market

Operating under Aktaş Group since the early 2000s, Rexoil has gradually increased its brand reputation and accessibility on the international arena thanks to its logistics power and distribution capabilities. The company, which currently exports to more than 100 countries on 5 continents, strengthens the Turkish economy with its growing performance and experience in the foreign market.

Production base with high and flexible production capacity

Rexoil’s wide product range appeals to almost all segments of the lubricant industry. The company, which works on nearly 500 product formulations, has a production - filling capacity of approximately 70 thousand tons per year in different sizes of packaging, drums, cans, barrels, and IBC. The company offers premium quality and high-performance products to the automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, process oils, greases, marine oils and antifreeze market with its mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic product range.

Creates added value with R&D and product development investments

Rexoil’s TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) accredited laboratory impresses with its technical equipment track and advanced test and analysis capacity. The laboratory, which serves consumers and employees and has modern and contemporary facilities such as process automation (Industry 4.0), full automation of production and filling lines, succeeds in producing results at international standards. The R&D and P&D (Research Development and Product Development) activities performed in the laboratory meet the industry’s need for value-added products and know-how, while providing Rexoil with a competitive advantage.

Guide: UN Sustainable Development Goals

Rexoil is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals with its holistic approach focused on economy, environment and society. Creating a difference in the lubricant market with its sustainable production, performance, competitive price policy and product / service quality, optimized process infrastructure, product range meeting the expectations of the market, technology meeting sectoral norms and financial strength that is able to cope with economic fluctuations, the company bases its business strategy on 5 core values:

  1. Perfectionism
    Continuous improvement cycle, spreading information and technology to the entire production process, preventing errors and losses by auditing and control
  2. Safety
    Personnel and process safety, risk management
  3. Team Spirit
    Goal- and success-oriented working with all stakeholders and employees, effective internal communication, participatory and sharing working culture
  4. Respect
    Respecting people and the environment, complying with laws and standards, not discriminating, considering different opinions and perspectives
  5. Courage
    Being open to innovations and breakthroughs, defending the truth, not compromising the rules


Plant Manager Yakup Yavuz: "We meet sectoral expectations and shape the market through team spirit"

"We operate our facility in accordance with the requirements of the age by collaborating with public authorities, universities and academics on issues such as occupational health and safety, sustainability, carbon footprint, transition to circular economy, green - digital transformation. We are working with experienced teammates who have academic careers to position our brand as a leader in these fields. We are especially interested in green product formulations and the design of additive packages.

We do not compromise on zero occupational accidents, zero quality complaints and zero waste in our production process. We add value to all of our stakeholders through our superior quality and maximum production efficiency strategy, while exceeding our business partners’ expectations. We work with competent staff who understand the sectoral needs and expectations in the supplier-producer-customer triangle, and we perform our duties to the best of our abilities.

We are constantly developing our long-term, sustainable business partnerships with a “win-win principle”. We conduct joint projects with our suppliers, subcontractors and customers to make our world a more livable and sustainable place for future generations. We are proud to be a brand that shapes the market by combining our qualified workforce with team spirit and common goals and objectives."


Purchasing Manager Bayram Bayramlı: "The secret of excellence in our product quality is our strong and strategic collaborations"

"Our purchasing strategy is the foundation of all activities in Rexoil’s R&D laboratory. The development of hundreds of different products in premium lubricant technology requires an approach that is constantly in tune with industry trends and technological innovations. Meanwhile, we are establishing strong and strategic collaborations with global suppliers to increase our competitiveness in national and international markets.

Our collaborations and strategic partnerships are critical to sustaining Rexoil’s innovative and industryleading position. We implement pioneering practices in the lubricant industry and provide more valuable solutions to our customers through strong relationships with our stakeholders, information exchange, and joint development projects. As a purchasing department, we continue to work passionately to contribute to the overall success of the company and its leadership in the industry.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices have a significant role in our purchasing decisions. Rexoil adopts environmentally friendly supply chain management practices and takes steps to utilize green energy sources and renewable materials. This approach reflects our commitment to reducing our company’s environmental footprint and achieving our sustainable growth goals."



Laboratory Manager Deniz Atav: "We are working to develop environmentally friendly and high-tech products"

"With over 20 laboratory devices, expert technical staff, and nine nationally and internationally accredited test methods, we are one of the lubricant industry’s most innovative and advanced R&D and laboratory facilities. We provide analysis services to the entire sector in our accredited laboratory and produce internationally recognized results. Keeping sustainable environmental policies in mind, we focus on products that extend engine life, save energy, and conduct R&D studies in this field.

We produce our wide range of engine oil and industrial products in accordance with national and international standards. We have OEM approvals from automotive leaders such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo, as well as a worldwide commitment to producing to ACEA standards.

We closely follow the ever-changing additive technologies through national and international publications, meetings, panels, and visits, and we collaborate with suppliers due to the strength of Rexoil’s diverse product portfolio. We, as Rexoil, are a preferred brand in international markets for our product quality, commitments and certifications. We are working to create the best products suitable for the needs of the market by considering customer demands and expectations and setting our goals in line with the simultaneous development of automotive technology and engine oils."


Quality and HSE-Q Manager Sinem Akdemir: "We meticulously implement quality and accreditation requirements at every stage of the production process"

"Rexoil has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 17025 standards and internationally recognized quality, environment, occupational health and safety and laboratory management systems accreditation from TURKAK. We ensure that our products are produced and offered to our customers in accordance with standards and legal regulations through our quality system.

We have a quality approach that works in all processes such as raw material purchasing, storage, production, shipment and after-sales services. Throughout our entire production process and in collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure that our products are reliable, meet customer expectations, and that the services provided will remain at the same level in the future.

We evaluate the occupational health and safety risks that may arise during our activities in advance, take effective measures and regularly inspect the practices. We conduct our activities by planning and evaluating the environmental effects in advance in all our activities performed or planned to be performed in our facility, and we sincerely comply with the legal legislation on the environment. We implement processes that will reduce or minimize our waste, separate our waste at its source and deliver it to licensed recycling or disposal companies, and record our annual waste amounts. We certify that we have had our gas emission measurements and wastewater analyzes done by authorized companies and that we are below the permitted values."


Yakup Yavuz – Plant Manager

Chemist with 32 years of experience in the lubricant industry. He started his career at Petrol Ofisi and assumed various roles and responsibilities within BP - Castrol. He studied Supply Chain Management and Leadership in an international MBA program based in London, England. Continuing his career as Plant Manager at Rexoil, Yavuz is working with the motto "Not change, but develop your supplier."

Bayram Bayramlı – Purchasing Manager

Mechanical Engineer. He has been working at Rexoil for more than 15 years after graduating from Baku Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and gaining various experiences in the fuel sector. As Purchasing Manager, he is not only reducing costs and increasing efficiency but also strengthening Rexoil's customer-oriented service approach, dynamic sales team, extensive dealer network and robust operational structures.

Deniz Atav – Laboratory Manager

She graduated from Çukurova University, Department of Chemistry as valedictorian. She has a master's degree from the Department of Physicochemistry. She has 12 years of industry experience in Production Planning and Processes, Quality Control and Integrated Management Systems. Atav, who is also a Class C Occupational Safety Specialist, has been working as a manager at Rexoil for 4 years.

Sinem Akdemir – Quality and HSE-Q Manager

Chemical Engineer with Master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety. She has 12 years of experience in the lubricant industry. For 10 years, she has been working for Rexoil. She is the chief responsible for quality control activities and the establishment and management of health, safety, and environmental management systems. She is authorized to prepare the chemical safety report in accordance with Turkish REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

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REXOIL, Local Giant in Global Lubrication

REXOIL, Local Giant in Global Lubrication

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